Vi Prepaid Plans Full List, New Offers, Unlimited Data, and Extra Benefits

Vodafone and Idea are now Vi and as you know their main motive behind this combination is giving the best services to its users like HD voice calling, high-speed internet connection, etc. So, here I’m going to share Vi Prepaid Plans, best offers, and extra benefits and you can check here Vi Postpaid Plans.

Vi Prepaid Plans

Vodafone had different recharge plans and the Idea had different. Now, Vi has new recharge plans. There are two types of Vi prepaid plans and Postpaid Plans. In Vi prepaid plans, there are some other plans like unlimited plans, add on Plans, and value pack.

Vi prepaid recharge plans

What are Prepaid Plans?

Prepaid plans are those plans where you have to recharge your mobile number before using it. Prepaid plans come with different validity it depends upon your recharge plan. If you are going to recharge your number with Vi Prepaid plans with Rs. 599 then you’ll get truly unlimited calls, 1.5GB data per day for 84 days.

Vi Prepaid Plans

Unlimited Prepaid Plans

299Truly Unlimited4GB/Day28 Days
449Truly Unlimited4GB/Day56 Days
699Truly Unlimited4GB/Day84 Days
599Truly Unlimited1.5GB/Day84 Days
249Truly Unlimited1.5GB/Day28 Days
149Truly Unlimited3GB28 Days
399Truly Unlimited1.5GB/Day56 Days
219Truly Unlimited1GB/Day28 Days
19Truly Unlimited200 MB2 Days
1499Truly Unlimited24 GB365 Days
269Truly Unlimited4 GB56 Days
379Truly Unlimited6 GB84 Days
129Truly Unlimited2 GB24 Days
2399Truly Unlimited1.5GB/Day365 Days
199Truly Unlimited1GB/Day24 Days
819Truly Unlimited2GB/Day84 Days

Extra Benefits on Prepaid Plans

  • Rs. 599 – 5GB extra Data.
  • Rs. 219 – 2GB extra Data.
  • Rs. 149 – 1GB extra Data.
  • Rs. 399 – 5GB extra Data.
  • Rs. 249 – 5GB extra Data.
  • Rs. 299 – Get 2GB/Day Extra.
  • Rs. 449 – Get 2GB/Day Extra.
  • Rs. 699 – Get 2GB/Day Extra.
  • Rs. 405 – Zee5 premium access for 1 year.
  • Rs. 595 – Zee5 premium access for 1 year.

There are lots of new and best offers on Vi Prepaid plans and you can check here.

Vi Add on Prepaid Plans.

Data Plans

161GB24 Hours
483GB28 Days
9812GB28 Days
25150GB28 Days

SMS Plans

12120 SMS10 Days
26250 SMS28 Days
36350 SMS28 Days

Callertune Plans

47Caller Tunes28 Days
78Caller Tunes89 Days

Value Pack Plans.

Talktime Plans


Combo Plans

49₹38300MB28 Days
79₹64400MB28 Days
95₹74200MB56 Days

Plan Voucher

4610 Local onnet Night Minutes28 Days

What is Vi?

Vi is now a new brand of telecom company but it is a rebrand. The two most popular brands Vodafone and Idea is now combined and known as Vi. Vi has two characters V and I, V that is Vodafone, and that is Idea. Vodafone and Idea are merged on 31 August 2018 but their servers, towers, and recharge plans differed from each other.

what is Vi

On 7 September 2020, they are completely merged and rebrand as Vi. Now, their servers, towers, and recharge plans are also merged to give the best service for his users. If you will visit the official site of Vodafone or Idea, then you will be redirected to their new website called

Why Merged?

As you know, in someplace Vodafone and Idea had poor services. Because of poor services, their users were porting. So, Vodafone and Idea are merged and their services are also merged to give the best service to his users. There are many reasons behind the merge.

You don’t have to buy a Vi SIM card because Vodafone and Idea servers and their data are merged. This is a long process and you need not worry because just wait a few days and your Vodafone and Idea SIM card will be automatically changed into Vi.

Why Choose Vi?

I will not give you my opinion, but I’ll give you some important points to understand. As you know, Vodafone and Idea had lots of users but they were continuously decreasing day by day because of poor Services in a few places like village type area. Now, Vodafone and Idea are merged and their towers and servers are also merged to give the best services at every place.

Best Offers

After a combination, there are lots of chances to get the best new offers from Vi.

HD Calling

Vodafone and Idea servers are merged so you can enjoy HD calling.

High Speed Internet

Vodafone and Idea towers are also merged and you will get highspeed internet.

Note: Before doing a recharge please check Vi Prepaid Plans on official website.